PLAN OR DIE: Using strategy to build successful websites

a presentation by Brad Haynes, Creative Director, Paramore|Redd

You find yourself face to face with a behemoth of a web project. Sweet victory could mean exultant riches and design-award immortality. Defeat could mean a reality of pain previously unimagined. 

You itch for your trusty design arsenal. Those Creative Suite icons have never failed you before. You grab your mouse, open Photoshop—

Before you can even look up you’re surrounded. They’re coming from all sides: rollover navigation states from the front, portfolio page templates from the rear, a tag-based organizational structure from your left. Are those comments coming over the horizon? 

Your pen tool crumbles in your hand. Your gradients are useless. Your dreams of fame and riches fade, slowly replaced with the reality of your impending doom. 

Welcome to the web, circa 2011. Ignore what anyone tries to tell you otherwise: the web is complicated. Even more complicated are the people who use it. You can’t expect to just whip out your favorite design app and magically produce a usable, intuitive, accessible, engaging, engrossing, effective informational experience. 

Brad Haynes, creative director of the award-winning Paramore|Redd has been dominating web sites and wrangling them into incredible digital experiences for the past 5 years. Planning, strategy and wireframes are some of the most critical arrows in a web designer’s quiver, and Brad has honed their mastery into a science.  And now he wants to tell you what he’s learned. 

Come listen to Brad Haynes’s PLAN OR DIE: Strategy & Wireframing,  presented by AIGA Memphis—and conquer your next web site before you even look at those Creative Suite icons on your dock. 


When & Where
Thu, Feb 10, 2011 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM CST
Stop 345
345 Madison Avenue
Memphis, TN 38103